We have been taking Music Together® classes since Benen was 3 months old and we have both always enjoyed it. We have tried other parent-tot classes and always seem to enjoy music together the most. It seems to be the perfect combination of some things the same and some things different, some things more active and some more quiet. It's unstructured without being chaotic. I love being able to listen and sing at home. I never did anything like this with my older kids, and I really notice how much Benen sings! All the time! Every where! All kinds of songs. And me too! Since not getting into choir in 3rd grade I have always been very self conscious about singing. I enjoy it again! So it's been a gift to me that way too. And it's just this super special thing Benen and I share!

We started Music Together with our daughter in California when she was a few months old. We were excited to find Elena when we relocated to the area two years ago. Our daughter fell in love with her almost immediately and we've been attending consistently since then. Music Together has been a big part of our life and the songs have been incorporated into many many car trips, dance party sessions and airplane rides. Our oldest hums and sings many versions of the songs she learns in class while playing independently and we look forward to her baby sister doing the same. Elena is a warm, welcoming, fun teacher and a skilled musician and we are so grateful for her.

I HIGHLY recommend Elena's music together class. We started when my daughter was under a year and HATED riding in the car. She would kick and scream and going anywhere was miserable, until we started music class and listened to the CD when we drove. It was seriously life changing. She would immediately calm down and bob her head to the music. Even now, over a year later she LOVES it. She shouts out "more songs" during the pause between each track. Her little brother (now 7 months) is following suit with his love for music too. "More music class!" and "I'm excited for music on Tuesday with Elena!" are two very common phrases in our house. We love it and we love Elena!

As soon as we walk into our Music Together class, our two-year-old son's face lights up. He looks forward to music class all week long, and raves about "Ms. Elena" at least a few times a day. What makes this class so special is Elena's spontaneity, her sense of humor, and her sensitivity toward each of her little students. I cannot recommend Elena's class highly enough. We are looking forward to participating in many more Music Together classes with Elena.

I have been attending Shoreline Music Together with my grandchildren for years. Even though my grandchildren are very different, they have each loved it. They can't wait to go each week and I look forward to it too. Elena is so talented and makes it such fun for all of us. Thank you Elena for a fabulous experience.

We love Shoreline Music Together with Elena! Our daughter started taking classes with Elena before she even started walking. It's been over two years and this is still her favorite class! She looks forward to all the fun songs and Elena makes the class extra special with her guitar and beautiful voice. We highly recommend Elena and Shoreline Music Together!

Elena, We just want to say that we really enjoyed your music class. Your personality made it so easy for us to enjoy every part of it. My daughter loves it and is always looking forward to coming to class. She is always singing and dancing! Personally, I can see the influence that this class has had on both of our girls. We loved the class.Thanks so much for everything you did to make it extra special!