Elena DeLisle

Elena DeLisle has been teaching Music Together® since 2004 and continues to love every minute of it! She is the owner and director of Shoreline Music Together. Elena has a BA in Jazz studies and, in addition to Music Together, she teaches private lessons on guitar and piano, group classes to older kids, and plays guitar actively in several local bands. She is the mother of two school-aged children, Adah and Wes.


David Fielding

David discovered his enthusiasm for Music Together® while attending classes with his two young boys. He decided to take the teacher training, did a 10 week internship with Elena and has been teaching the Saturday classes at Shoreline Music Together ever since. Elena is thrilled to have him on board!


Violet Davis

Violet discovered Music Together® by accident. She is a full-time nanny who started attending classes with her toddler charge. She fell in love with the program and all of its joy! Elena recognized Violet's enthusiasm for the music and the kids and she offered her a 10-week Music Together internship. After taking the 3-day intensive teacher training with Music Together LLC, Violet completed the 10-week internship with Elena and is proud to be teaching Friday classes! She believes everyone's day can be brightened with just a little music!